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This is Ling, also known as Little Panda Mommy. I am the blogger, pattern designer, photographer and craft artist behind Little Panda Mommy Creations. In the end of October 2014,  Little Panda Mommy Creations Etsy store was born, so I guess  you can add shop owner and creative director to the list above. In 2016, I was contacted by Skillshare and started teaching online, you can learn with me herehttps://www.skillshare.com/r/littlepandamommy

I have a wonderful husband, who prefers unnamed to be more mysterious. Is this a guy thing? Anyhow, he supports me in every way possible to make all these blogging and small business dream came true, I am so grateful and lucky to meet him in the other side of the world (Oh, I came from Hong Kong and he is American born Italian). We have a loving family with two beautiful daughters Alexis (age 7) and Lily (age 6), a baby boy Ethan (almost turn 1), two loyal dogs – Moe (girl, age 9) and Leo (boy, age 9).

My girls love me so much and give me all the confidence in the world by asking mommy to make them everything they come across on TV or in a store. They truly believe if they ask mommy to make something, that specific thing will be handmade at home by mommy and delivered to them in a timely manner, I guess I spoiled them and my family a little too much. They are my inspirations, my very loyal customers who never pay me money, instead they pay me with little smile on their faces and sweet talk with a kiss on the cheek. Their specific requests help developing my craft skills in a very positive way, I am eager to learn different craft skills and techniques, so I can teach them and have a fun mommy-daughters time.

I am going to share my creations on this blog, sometimes with free patterns and online classes or Youtube videos. I try my best to write the instructions as concise and easy to follow as possible, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I will reply as soon as possible.

I hope this blog will inspire some new craft artists and also the experienced one. Crafting is just in my blood and I wish my passion and experience can help you to know more about this wonderful craft world. There are still too many crafts I want to try and know more about, I will try my best to update this blog and my other blogs, to share all the new and old things I love, as one of my new year revolutions in 2015.

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Yes. You have my full permission to sell the product(s) made from my free patterns. However, please do not use, copy, re-post or sell any written contexts (include patterns) or pictures in my blog, they are all copyrighted.

Yes. You are welcome to share my blog posts or patterns by posting the post link (just copy and paste the URL on the address bar) and please give credit to Little Panda Mommy Creations. Please do not copy and paste the contexts, pictures and/or patterns from my blog directly. Re-writing, re-phrasing and/or editing the contexts and/or pictures and post as your own is not welcome. I had some bad experiences before, thanks for understanding.

Enjoy reading the blog and have fun crafting.

(Little Panda Mommy)

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