Sophie Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern. Sew Free. Crochet. Child to Adult Sizes.

This is the mermaid tail blanket I made for my oldest daughter. (Caron Cakes – Faerie Cakes)

I have been waiting on forever to design a mermaid tail blanket. I knew my girls will love it but I never found a pattern that I like it enough to hunt down the right kind of yarn to make it. Until this beautiful Caron Cakes yarn came out last year and I was like “this is it!”. I found the perfect yarn for my project. I decided to stop looking for other designers’ creations and designed my own Sophie mermaid tail blanket pattern for my little girls.

You can get the pattern here:
Child sizes 5 -12:
Ravelry Store:
Teen/Adult Size:
Ravelry Store:—adult-size

Sophie mermaid tail blanket

Caron Cakes Yarns are so beautiful, I stocked up on them when I could. Now, they have new colors came out and I need to hunt down the pistachio color, they are so popular and hard to get my hands on them.

A pink mermaid tail blanket for my younger girl, she loves pink. (Caron Cakes – Cherry Chip)

Every time I looked at all these other beautiful designs, the tail just didn’t look right to me, not as I imagined in my head. So, when I finally get my hands on this beautiful yarn, I made the tail pattern just the way I wanted it for all this time. The best part is, it is also a 2-ways scarf on its own.

Style 1 – The Tail alone as a scarf (Caron Cakes – Cherry Chip)
Style 2 – The Tail alone as a scarf (Caron Cakes – Cherry Chip)

I don’t like to sew my project together if I could avoid it. (Who really enjoy sewing them anyway? I enjoy making it but not much about weaving in ends and sewing, just being honest here.) So I figure out a nice and neat way to avoid the sewing altogether. I made this a one piece creation and minimized a lot of  weaving-in ends and joining yarns because of the pattern design and yarn choice. As the weather in Texas was hot and cold this whole Winter, I ended up making myself a rainbow mermaid tail blanket too. Now, my baby boy want a tail blanket because his sisters have been very nice to him and let him borrow and hide in the blanket to play hide and seek. He was so comfortable in it that he thinks they belonged to him now and refuses to come out at times. My silly little guy. (We love him so much, he is so spoiled.)

It is so beautiful, I made one for myself too. (Caron Cakes – Rainbow Sprinkles)
Get the Sophie mermaid tail blanket adult pattern here.

I am working hard on a Skillshare class for this pattern, so for those who are interested but new in crocheting, you can learn and crochet along with me in class. Stay turned. I will updated here when the class is up and running. I have been working hard on it but editing and uploading wasn’t really kind to me. So hang on there, I will continue to work for the class. My dear friends whose rather take a class or already got the pattern but like some extra help making it, I will post a link for you to join Skillshare with a very good price for a first time student when it is ready. Follow me on Facebook and suscribe through email from this blog. You will be the first to get the updates and exclusive offers. c

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