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Spiky Dinosaur Hat

(It was published the year before but somehow it ended in draft folder instead of published. Well, my boy is almost 2 and a half now, the hat has some give and still fits him. He loves to be a dinosaur. )

My baby boy turned 1 year old. He is walking and talking already, having two big sisters really made a difference in developments. He loves dinosaurs, so we had a dinosaur theme birthday party for his special day. I never make anything cute or adorable in crochet or knitting or any crafts in general, I feel like I just lack the touch of artistic in all cute things, so I sticked with what I know and do best, timeless, classic and multi-funtional pieces. Until I made this spiky dinosaur hat for my little guy (pattern is available on Craftsy, Etsy or Ravelry).

Well, a mother’s love changes everything and ignites the creativity inside me. I have a few cute ideas in my head aready, hope I will create something soon and share with you.

Sophie Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern. Sew Free. Crochet. Child to Adult Sizes.

This is the mermaid tail blanket I made for my oldest daughter. (Caron Cakes – Faerie Cakes)

I have been waiting on forever to design a mermaid tail blanket. I knew my girls will love it but I never found a pattern that I like it enough to hunt down the right kind of yarn to make it. Until this beautiful Caron Cakes yarn came out last year and I was like “this is it!”. I found the perfect yarn for my project. I decided to stop looking for other designers’ creations and designed my own Sophie mermaid tail blanket pattern for my little girls.

You can get the pattern here:
Child sizes 5 -12:
Ravelry Store: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sophie-mermaid-tail-blanket
Etsy:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/497792597
Teen/Adult Size:
Ravelry Store: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sophie-mermaid-tail-blanket—adult-size
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/492414590

Sophie mermaid tail blanket

Caron Cakes Yarns are so beautiful, I stocked up on them when I could. Now, they have new colors came out and I need to hunt down the pistachio color, they are so popular and hard to get my hands on them.

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Crochet Big & Fun Basket

It’s 2nd week of Yarntober (see last paragraph to see what is Yarntober), presenting Simply Crochet – Big and Fun Basket on Skillshare. You can take this class and thousands of other classes on Skillshare for only $0.99 for 3 months. Here the class link: skl.sh/2e4iuN0 . [announcing mode is done]

I saw these huge yarn balls called Bernat Blanket Big in Michael’s Store doing my regular shopping. Bought quite a few (a basket full and a little extra) of them, brought them home and made a couple baskets (still need to go back for more). The basket is big, fun and unique,  it’s also very easy and quick to make. Perfect for a beginner and for anyone at home, great for decorating while have very good storage build in (t’s a basket after all), your pets may ask for one or two too. After the first basket, I decided to make it into a Skillshare class and teach you how to make one.


[Whispering voice: I do not have regular shopping trips but more like yarns hoarding collection trip, my husband will totally verify me on this one since I made him went with me (I was saving money by double saving with his coupon). I told him Fall is here and Winter is coming (any Game of Thrones fans?), holiday seasons are one after the others, I just need to get some more yarns. (I see you nodding right there.) ]
As a result of yarns collection, I borrowed a few of his new plastic bins for storage. He was giving me a hard time/ motivation to get more patterns and Skillshare classes out (how much I love him for this and hate to admit he is a teasing genius at times), he suggested to make October into “Yarntober” – everything about yarn. I take on the challenge happily and play with all my yarns every minutes I could squeeze in my busy mom schedule. The result is, I succeed on delivering one class or one pattern per week in Yarntober. The best part is, I got this crochet basket class out on “I Love Yarn Day”, YESSS! Hurray for me. I got this taped a few days ago and did all the editing and voice over, then something went wrong and I had to redo most of them.
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4 in 1 Reversible Slouchy/ Beanie Hat

First blog post after baby number 3 is here, he is 7 weeks old. I am so glad to hold him in my arms and very thankful that he is such a good baby. I couldn’t believe only 6 weeks postpartum, I managed to have enough free time to design and knit a hat. Since my brain wasn’t functioning super due to the lack of sleep, this hat is very simple and easy to make even for knitting newbies.

Here is my newest design: 4 in 1 Reversible Knitted Slouchy / Beanie Hat (click here for pattern)

Got this gorgeous luxury yarn from my last project for my mother in law, I decided to make a hat for her this year. She wears a hat everywhere she goes, so a reversible hat is the way to go.

This hat is fast to make and only use one skein of yarn (weight 3 yarn, dk or worsted weight, 200 a 220 yards). I used superwash silk pearlescent worsted weight yarn from Expression Fiber Arts, it is a mix of merino wool (50%) and silk (50%). This colorway in the picture is no longer available but they have many other gorgeous colors to choose from. I seriously want to get my hands on each one of them if I can afford to do so.

It drapes beautifully as a slouchy and have a pretty sheen from the yarn itself no matter how you wear it. If you wear it as a beanie only, consider adding a pom pom on top, it will be super cute.

Made two more hats for my girls in a more affordable soft pink yarn, same pattern, just different yarn. I used Bernat baby big ball sport yarn in Blossom. It is so soft and comfy, my girls love it.

My oldest daughter models the small size hat in Blossom colorway.

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